Commitee Officers

HAILSHAM BONFIRE SOCIETY Committee, Officers & Captains 2020

Honorary President- Geoff Rowe

Honorary Chairwoman- Rose Piggott

Vice Chairman- Neil Cleaver

Honorary Secretary- Dave Chapman

Honorary Treasurer- Curtis Musk

Membership & Minutes Secretary- Jane Bishop

Fundraising Committee led by- Alison Ridley & Jeanette Taylor

Safety Officer- Ben Floyd

Press and Publicity Officer- Alison Ridley

Commander in Chief- Curtis Musk

Captain of Ranks – Neil Cleaver

Captain of Torches- Robert Belsey

Captain of Bonfire- Steve Spofforth

Captain of Fireworks – Guy Osborne

Captain of Fire Site- Robert Belsey

Captain of Programmes- Stephanie Divall

Captain of Website- Nick Allen

Many thanks to all those who served on the committee for a very challenging year of 2019! This has left HBS in a strong position to go forward into 2020 and hopefully an even better Bonfire Night in Hailsham!